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Comprehensive audiological services for everyone.

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Hearing Healthcare in Nevada

Our hearing clinic provides full service audiological care to Carson City and the surrounding areas. Our hearing specialists offer a wide range of services, and work with adults who have hearing loss, hearing aids, tinnitus, and assistive listening devices. No matter what your hearing needs are, our specialists are here to help you.

Women testing her hearing

If you suspect you have hearing loss, the first step is a diagnostic hearing evaluation. During your hearing exam, we will discuss your medical history and perform a test to establish a baseline for your hearing needs. During your appointment we will perform a series of tests, including:

  • Air Conduction Testing
  • Bone Conduction Testing
  • Speech Testing
  • Pure Tone
Man getting his hearing aid fitted

If the results of your hearing test indicate that you could be helped through the use of hearing aids, you will be fitted for devices. Our audiologists in Carson City will fit the hearing aids to your unique ear shape and program them using your hearing prescription. When choosing hearing aids, we will help you by selecting devices that match your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget.

Doctor handing their patient their repaired hearing aids

To get the most out of your hearing aids it’s important to bring them in on a regular basis for maintenance. We provide hearing aid cleanings and checks every 6 months, and we encourage annual hearing check-ups to make sure your hearing prescription hasn’t changed. Together, we will help you be proactive of your hearing health and keep your devices performing their best.

We pride ourselves on providing on-going support and follow-up care to ensure you are getting the most out of your hearing aids and are reconnecting with your loved ones.

Woman in discomfort with tinnitus

Tinnitus, or more commonly known as “ringing in the ears,” affects millions of people of all ages. Tinnitus is when you hear a buzzing, humming, ringing, whistling, or similar sound in your ears when no external sounds are present. Tinnitus can be annoying and can severely disrupt your daily life.

At our hearing aid center, we provide excellent solutions to help you manage tinnitus. During your hearing evaluation we can perform a tinnitus test to determine how severe your symptoms are and how it affects you. We also offer tinnitus treatments, such as hearing aids with a masking feature that can help distract your brain from your symptoms. If you want to stop ringing in the ears, contact us today.

Hearing protection equipment

Loud noise exposure is one of the most common causes of sensorineural hearing loss.  It’s important to protect your hearing whenever you are exposed to loud sounds – or any noise that exceeds 85 decibels. At our hearing center, we are proud to offer custom earmolds, earplugs, swim molds, and in-ear monitors for musicians.

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