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Frequently asked questions about hearing health.

Husband and wife asking questions to a nurse

Hearing FAQs

Hearing aids have an average lifespan of 3-7 years. To get the most out of your hearing aids it’s important to take good care of them by cleaning them every day and bringing them in on a regular basis for a maintenance check.

Musical ear syndrome is a type of tinnitus where you hear melodies inside your ears or head when no external sounds are present. Tinnitus is incredibly common, affecting millions of Americans. If you hear sounds in your ears that are bothering you, contact us for an appointment.

Many hearing aids are water resistant, not waterproof. Hearing aids are incredibly durable, and can withstand moisture, rain, and sweat. You should not wear your hearing aids in the shower or swimming as this can damage them. There is a brand that carries waterproof hearing aids if you need a device that can withstand water submergence.

Unfortunately hearing loss can not be reversed. There is not a cure for hearing loss, however, hearing aids can help you hear better. Hearing aids provide your ears and your brain with the necessary sounds to help you hear better and with clarity. When left untreated, hearing loss can worsen and affect your speech comprehension. Hearing aids will help you hear better and can even prevent your hearing loss from worsening as quickly.

Yes, excessive stress can cause hearing loss and tinnitus. When you are stressed, your body produces excessive adrenaline which reduces blood flow to the ears. This can result in hearing loss or ringing in the ears.

Decibel levels for firearms average between 140 and 165 dB. The safe threshold for sounds is 85 dB. You can experience a loss of hearing after shooting a firearm after just one time because of the dangerous level of sound your ears are exposed to. It’s important to wear hearing protection whenever you go hunting or to the shooting range.

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