Hearing Devices

Custom hearing protection

Today’s hearing instruments are different than your parent’s hearing aids. Today, devices are sleeker, feature digital technology to provide clearer sound, and are more comfortable to wear.

Hearing devices also include many 21st century features like BluetoothTM connectivity so you can understand more phone conversations and aids that now have their own smartphone app to connect to household items like the doorbell. There are also rechargeable aids which is a huge leap forward for those who struggle to change hearing aid batteries because of dexterity issues.

We carry a variety of manufacturers and styles of hearing aids and will guide you in making the best choice for your hearing needs, lifestyle, and budget. The most common styles of hearing aids are:

BTE devices provide stronger amplification than smaller devices and are appropriate for more severe cases of hearing loss. The instruments are attached to a custom-made earmold, which then channels sound into the ear canal. There are a variety of color options available to match skin or hair color.

CICs are the smallest type of hearing device available. The components of these instruments are housed within a small case that fits far into the ear canal. These aids are custom-made for each ear, but CICs aren’t for everyone. CICs are ideal for those with large enough ear canals to accommodate the instruments. Because of their size, they require good manual dexterity for care and battery replacements. CICs are not recommended for people with severe hearing loss.

The full shell ITEs can help with a wide range of hearing losses. Their larger size allows them to provide more sound amplification and features such as a manual or automatic telephone switch. Their size also makes them easier to handle and maintain.

RITE instruments combine the cosmetic appeal of ITEs with the amplification of BTEs, making them ideal for enhancing speech without bringing attention to themselves. These devices also allow the ear canal to remain open, which helps avoid any “plugged up” sensation.

The half shell style has the room to offer all of the features provided with the full shell instruments, but in a smaller package. They can be used to treat a wide range of hearing losses.

Although they’re slightly bigger, ITC aids fit far into the ear canal like CICs. They can be used for mild to moderate hearing losses.


Excellent Hearing Aid Companies


Hearing aids from Oticon range from the entry-level to advanced, with a wide range of styles, features, and a newly-expanded color palette.


Siemens offers a broad range of hearing aids for every lifestyle and all types and degrees of hearing loss.


Offers a wide range of hearing aids for all levels of hearing loss, uniquely designed to improve communication in every situation.


ReSound provides excellent sound by offering innovative hearing aids that combine solid technology, offering devices for all types and degrees of hearing loss.


Hearing solutions that are easy to use, seamlessly integrated in daily life, and enable people to hear naturally.


Starkey hearing aids offer innovative, American-made craftsmanship, with devices to fit the needs of those with degrees of hearing loss across the board.

Assistive Listening Devices

Technology meets hearing.

Today’s hearing aids combine digital microchips with miniature audio components to help those with hearing loss connect better with surrounding environments but there are certain situations in which hearing aids aren’t quite enough. Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are special devices that are designed to help in specific scenarios that can be tough on hearing aids like public speaking events or sporting events, can connect to doorbells, and in situations where hearing aids aren’t in use like overnight to ensure alarm clocks and fire alarms are heard.

Hearing Care of Carson City offers several different ALDs including TV streamers, captioned calling telephone systems, and safety options that can connect to doorbells and fire alarms.

Custom Hearing Protection Products

Hearing Care of Carson City is proud to offer custom hearing protection that include custom ear molds. We can provide custom solutions for musician’s earplugs, in ear monitors, and swimming plugs. You don’t have to have a hearing loss to use these products so call (775) 297-4131 today to schedule an appointment.

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